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Navigating Your Financial Journey, Together

At Riverbend Wealth Management, we understand that true wealth is not just about financial success, but also about living a life filled with peace, joy, and fulfillment. Our experienced team of financial advisors are dedicated to helping you achieve your unique vision of a rich and meaningful life.

We Help Good People Make Sound Financial Decisions

Our Goal is to Help You Enjoy Life to the Fullest

Whether you’re building your career, growing your business, navigating towards your retirement, or planning for your family’s future, we’re here to help you achieve your most meaningful life every day. Our comprehensive wealth management solutions are designed to address your unique needs and aspirations at every stage of life. From personalized investment strategies and risk management to tax planning and estate planning, we offer a holistic approach to help you navigate life’s financial complexities with the goal of giving our clients confidence and peace of mind.

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“We have been clients of Jeremy and the Riverbend team for over two years. We continue to be very impressed with the financial planning expertise and customer service provided by Riverbend…”

– John Houck

“We met with Jeremy today for a free consultation. He is awesome! Gave us some great short-term and long-term advice on retirement planning. No sales pitches or pressure to use their services. We really felt like he just wanted to help us. Highly recommend!”

– Jean Hiers

“I highly recommend Jeremy & his team at Riverbend Wealth Management. This team is honest and conduct business built on integrity and a high level of customer service.”

– Daniel Grossi

Personalization: It's at the Heart of What We Do

We understand that your financial journey is deeply intertwined with your personal journey. That’s why our experienced team of financial advisors takes the time to listen to your story, understand your goals and concerns, and create a customized plan that aligns with your values and priorities.

We’re not just here to manage your money – we’re here to be your trusted partner; helping to build a life of prosperity, purpose, and joy.

Case Studies

A business owner approaching retirement case study

Business Planning

John wants to devise a clear plan for his post-business life to enjoying his retirement.

Transitioning to Retirement Case Study

Retirement Transition

Steve and Mary desire peace of mind and are confident that they are on track to live the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of.

financial planning for retirees in myrtle beach

Relocated Retiree

Tom and Sarah want to stay retired and enjoy life.

These are fictional examples of potential issues. These are not real people, but these situations are used to provide clarify on potential issues others may be experiencing.

Why Riverbend Wealth Management?

We believe that wealth management goes beyond just managing your investments. It’s about helping you make informed decisions that support your overall well-being and enable you to live your best life. We’re not just another financial firm – we’re your partner helping to create a life of abundance, financial freedom, and joy. We’re dedicated to being your trusted guide on your financial journey, helping you navigate the ups and downs of life and the ever-changing market conditions with unwavering commitment and care.


We, along with all investment advisory representatives, are fiduciaries and, as such, we are required to put the interests of our clients ahead of our own. 


We are paid directly by you and do not receive commissions. We are required to provide objective advice.


You get honest, objective advice backed by years of collective experience every time.

Jeremy Finger - Founder of Riverbend Wealth Management

Jeremy Finger


Jeremy Finger, our Founder, is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and has is Certified Investment Management Analyst certification (CIMA) from the Wharton School of Business. He has been featured on WMBF News and many newspapers, and is a speaker at many local civic clubs. After working with a couple of the large brokerage firms for over 20 years, Jeremy decided he wanted to launch a firm that would focus on clients first and foremost. He chose the name Riverbend as an homage to the many times he and his dad fished in South Carolina rivers, and because it evokes the peace of mind he desires for everyone he works with.

Let's Build Your Future Together

Let your financial dreams find their champion. Connect with Riverbend Wealth Management and explore how our wealth management services can redefine your financial horizon. Together, let’s unlock the door to enduring financial tranquility and success.

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