4 Ways To Be Happy at Work & In Retirement – Finger Financial Five #134

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you are the pilot.” – Michael Altshuler

How do you find happiness? 

We have heard the cliches. Stop and smell the roses. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and it is all small stuff. Perhaps the cliché become cliches, because they are true. 

I would hear or read these things, but I would have a hard time putting them into practice. How do you actually put this into practice?? 

First, let’s see what is working against us. 

I listened to this Podcast about Happiness and was hit with the term Hedonic Adaptation …. 

What the heck is that?

Hedonic Adaptation is the concept studied by positive psychology researchers and others who focus on happiness and well-being that refers to people’s tendency to return to a set level of happiness despite life’s ups and downs.

Some examples, the first bite of ice cream is never as good as the last (not true for mint chocolate chip).  The first time you heard your spouse say I love you wasn’t like the time you last heard it.  And even in the most extreme, research had found that four years after winning the lottery, your happiness will return to your baseline before you even won. 

During the latest Nudge Podcast, Nudge: Tips for living a happier life (according to science) on Apple Podcasts,  Cassie Holmes, PhD, tackles the problem of chasing happiness throughout our life.  The things which brought us great joy at first lessen over time.  

Are we doomed to not be happy? Can we improve our happiness? Absolutely!

What can we do:

  1. Time is limited– Recognize that you only have a certain amount of time. Knowing that something is coming to an end, helps you appreciate the moments more. For me, Elliott leaves for college in August. Every day matters. For many retirees, it could be vacations with family. For business owners, it could be a date night with their spouse or time with their children before they go off to college. Time is limited. Treat it as such
  2. Exercise… ugh… yes, this can increase your happiness, your mood, and your physical appearance.  Even the least amount matters, because there is a sense of accomplishment, and you form a habit. 
  3. Outsource low-value tasks– this could be housework. It could be hiring an assistant. Use the free time for rest or spending time with family or taking up a hobby. I think back on my dad and those dang broken sprinklers
  4. Distractions harm happiness. Put your phone out of site. Studies show that even having it nearby, reduces the pleasure of a dinner with a friend. Be in the moment and experience what you are doing. Be present. 

Margaret Bonnano said, “It is only possible to live happily ever after on a day-to-day basis.”

Want to know more about Cassie’s tips, check out her book Happier Hour: https://www.cassiemholmes.com/happierhour

Sometimes, we put off activities into an amorphous time.  I’ll go on that trip when I’m older.  I’ll do that hobby when I have free time.  DON’T WAIT! BOOK IT NOW!

What does Cassie recommend if there is just one tip to increase happiness?

Taking a broader view of your life. Most things when you look back on them, don’t matter. What did matter? What is important to you? Spend your time doing that and know that precious time is limited. 

I was quoted on CNBC again. Read it here

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On the lighter side, Elliott is going to start interning at Riverbend this summer. 

Hope all is well with you and your family,


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