Business Spotlight: Myrtle Beach Financial Consultant Inspired By Father, Horry County Roots

Jeremy Finger
Jeremy Finger
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By Jay Rodriguez / [email protected]

MYRTLE BEACH — Jeremy Finger has fond memories of biking and fishing with his father, Elliott, along the bends of rivers and ponds in the Nichols area.

Some days, his father, a general practitioner, would come home from work and turn on the television to watch the stock market. As a young man, Jeremy would wonder what the letters and figures all meant. As he learned more from his dad, he saved his money and handed his dad his savings to buy a share in IBM by the time he was 12 years old.

Jeremy’s admiration for his dad and the way his dad worked with patients drew him to explore a career in medicine, so much so that he studied biology, chemistry and business at the College of Charleston. But his father warned him that practicing medicine “the old way” — where doctors and patients had a more personal relationship — would soon be a thing of the past. His father was right.

So Jeremy took the path of being a financial advisor. He loved finances and planning and he enjoys knowing that he can have that more personal relationship with clients — the way his father was with his patients.

“What I loved about medicine is some of the ponds we would go fishing in would be owned by his patients,” Finger said. “His patients would say, ’Come fish in our pond. And we’d do it. I just loved the relationship that my dad had with his patients. I had people come over and get treated at the house. I remember this as a kid.”

Right out of college, he worked for a financial advisor in Mount Pleasant for a summer and the rest, as they say, is history.

“I figured I could just help people financially instead of physically,” Finger said.

And that’s what Finger does through his business named Riverbend Wealth Management — named for the time in his life he felt most at peace, fishing the river bends with his father.

Finger and his firm helps clients with financial, education, estate, investment, retirement and tax planning. He helps clients look at the big picture to achieve their financial goals. Riverbend helps organize finances, cash flow and debt. They can perform an education needs analysis, explore education savings vehicles, offer gift/income tax strategies, and can evaluate insurance coverage for risk exposures.

Finger and his company can assist with bond and stock selection and alternative investments, plan for investment taxes, help with a variety of tax strategies, and help with retirement and estate planning. A list of his services can be found at www.RiverbendWealthManagement.com.

The family man married his wife, Iren, and the two have a son named Elliott who is a student at the Academy for the Arts, Science and Technology. Elliott played tennis for Myrtle Beach High School during their championship season in 2019. Finger was the assistant coach of that team when legendary head coach Rivers Lynch passed away. Finger became interim head coach of the team that rallied in the playoffs and won the state championship.

“It fills my heart, being able to connect with people and kids, and hopefully make the world a better place,” Finger said. “It may sound cliche, but that’s life. It’s how can I make it a little better than how I entered it, to try and do my part. I was called at that point in time to help finish up what Coach Lynch started, which was a very special moment in my life.”

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