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Navigating Your Business Transition with Care

Tailored Exit Planning Strategies in Myrtle Beach

Exit planning can provide a strategic roadmap for business owners looking to transition from their enterprises. Our team assists in planning your exit, aiming to understand the value of your business and seeking to optimize its value.

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Tailored exit planning strategies for myrtle beach business owners

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Our Q&A Process to Exit Planning

We approach exit planning with a focus on understanding each business owner’s unique situation and objectives. By asking targeted questions, we can help shape an exit strategy that is tailored to your specific needs and aspirations. This personalized approach helps align your exit plan with your financial and personal goals.

Exit planning for business owners in Myrtle Beach

What Are Your Financial Goals?

Understanding your financial objectives is the cornerstone of our exit planning strategy. Whether you aim to enhance your retirement funds or protect financial stability for your heirs, we will assist in aligning your plan with these goals.

This approach helps to construct an exit plan that is designed to meet your immediate needs and support your long-term financial vision.

Why Are You Considering Exiting Your Business?

The reasons for exiting a business can vary greatly — from retirement to pursuing new ventures. Clarifying the motivation behind your decision helps us tailor the exit plan to fit your personal and professional aspirations.

As part of our process, we help you evaluate how different exit scenarios can affect your personal and financial future.

Business exit planning for Myrtle Beach Entrepreneurs
As part of your exit plan, who will succeed you?

Who Will Succeed You?

Choosing a successor is a big decision in the exit planning process. Whether you are passing the business to a family member, selling to a management team, or looking for an external buyer, we assist in assessing each option’s viability.

Our goal is to structure a succession plan that can help maintain business continuity and align with your strategic goals.

How Will Your Exit Impact Your Financial Portfolio?

The exit from your business is a significant financial event that requires careful integration into your broader financial landscape.

Our team assists in analyzing how the liquidity from a business sale can be best utilized to support your ongoing financial needs and commitments. 

Exit planning and financial advisory

Ready to Discuss Your Exit Planning?

Contact us today to schedule your complimentary financial assessment. Our team is here to help you navigate the complexities of exit planning and develop a strategy that can help facilitate the transition into your next chapter in life.

Exit Planning Strategies for
Myrtle Beach Entrepreneurs

Business Valuation

Assess your business’s market value and identify improvement areas.

Value Enhancement

Help increase business appeal and value before exiting.

Succession Planning

Plan for a smooth ownership transfer to chosen successors.

Sale Preparation

Ready your business with a goal of enhancing financial and operational appeal.

Market Analysis

Striving to optimize exit timing based on market conditions with a goal of maximizing value.

Buyer Negotiations

Find and negotiate with a goal of obtaining favorable terms.

Tax Planning

Develop strategies to help minimize tax impact from the business exit.

Regulatory Compliance

Coordinate with needed legal counsel to address issues for a compliant transfer.

Retirement Planning

Integrate exit proceeds into personal financial and retirement planning.

Post-Exit Planning

Support for transitioning to life after business, focusing on lifestyle and legacy.

The information in this material is not intended as tax or legal advice. Riverbend Wealth Management and Stratos Wealth Advisors do not provide tax advice. Please consult legal or tax professionals for specific information regarding your individual situation.

Why Choose Riverbend

Our team, including Jeremy Finger and Daniel Johnson, both with over 25 years in the industry, focus on understanding your visions, goals, and concerns. We are committed to clear communication and detailed planning to assist you in addressing the complexities of the exit process. We tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of business owners in Myrtle Beach, helping you to consider how best to align your exit strategy with your personal and financial objectives. 


We, along with all investment advisory representatives, are fiduciaries and, as such, we are required to put the interests of our clients ahead of our own. 


We are paid directly by you and do not receive commissions.


Our team, led by Jeremy Finger who has obtained the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)  and Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA®) designations. Jeremy Finger, has decades of combined experience helping clients achieve their financial goals.


We believe every person is unique and deserves a tailored plan that matches their specific needs and objectives.


We utilize Fidelity as our custodian and have access to some of their resources as part of that relationship. 

Ready to Plan Your Business Exit?

Considering a business exit? We’re available to discuss how we can help you consider and prepare for your next steps. Contact us today to start shaping a thoughtful exit strategy that addresses your unique needs.

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