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Your Journey to Financial Freedom: Financial Planning Made Easy

Are you eager to achieve what you truly desire from life? Our mission is to help you do just that. With our detailed financial tools, we organize your finances, cash flow, and debt, creating a custom plan aimed at your needs.

Experienced Financial Planning in Myrtle Beach

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Our Process to Financial Planning in Myrtle Beach

Our process begins with a personal analysis, where we ask a series of questions designed to gain a clear understanding of your unique financial situation and future aspirations. This information helps us develop a financial plan that aligns with your overarching goals. By synchronizing your financial plan with your objectives, we strive to create a strategy that not only provides a sense of clarity but also aims to prepare you for the various milestones in your life’s journey.

Myrtle Beach Financial Planning Services

Understanding Your Cash Flow: The Importance of Budgeting in Financial Planning

After going through our planning process, which includes an in-depth analysis, we can help you determine if you are on track to meet your goals, and in some cases even identify situations where you might have even more discretionary funds to spend as you see fit.

Navigating Debt Management: Assessing and Optimizing Your Debt Level

Another critical aspect of financial planning is assessing your debt level. We’ll explore the question, “Is your level of debt appropriate?” Having a thorough understanding of your debt is essential for making informed decisions about your financial future.

Our team will analyze your debt profile and provide guidance on managing it effectively, helping you in your progress towards achieving your long-term financial objectives in Myrtle Beach and beyond.

Financial planning - navigating debt management
Financial planning - setting your goals

Looking Ahead: Setting Your Goals

When creating a comprehensive financial plan, our three Myrtle Beach financial planners focus on understanding your unique aspirations by asking, “What are your goals for the future?” Defining your short-term and long-term objectives is crucial to developing a tailored strategy that aligns with your vision.

Whether you’re dreaming of early retirement, purchasing your dream home in Myrtle Beach, or starting your own business, our financial team is dedicated to helping you turn these aspirations into reality through meticulous financial planning.

Planning Major Expenses: Big-Ticket Items

When discussing your financial future, our three Myrtle Beach financial planners will ask, “Will you be considering any big-ticket purchases?” This question helps us gain insight into your plans for significant expenses, such as purchasing a new car, buying a home in the Myrtle Beach area, or planning a dream vacation.

By understanding your intentions for major purchases, we can incorporate these goals into your comprehensive financial plan, helping your prepare for investments when the time comes.

Financial planning goals - setting up major expenses

Learn About Your Financial Potential with a Complimentary Financial Assessment

Imagine having a trusted partner in your corner, guiding you through the complex landscape of financial planning. At Riverbend Wealth Management, our Myrtle Beach team is passionate about empowering you to pursue your financial aspirations. We understand that your circumstances are unique, which is why we take a personalized approach to understanding your goals, challenges, and opportunities. By delving into the critical aspects of your financial life, such as cash flow management, we aim to help you create a roadmap that reflects your values and priorities.

Comprehensive Financial Planning in
Myrtle Beach

Financial Planning

We take into account your unique income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and goals to develop a plan that aligns with your specific needs and objectives.

Retirement Planning

We strive to help Myrtle Beach residents prepare for a comfortable retirement by developing personalized strategies.


As part of our tax planning, we work with individuals who provide tax advice to help Myrtle Beach residents navigate the complex tax landscape.


We explore strategies that aim to minimize taxes and help ensure your wishes are carried out according to your intentions.

Investment Planning

We create personalized investment strategies for Myrtle Beach residents, taking into account your unique risk tolerance and time horizon.

Education Planning

We work with Myrtle Beach families to create plans for funding their children’s or grandchildren’s education.

Insurance Planning

Our insurance planning services involve assessing the risk exposure of Myrtle Beach residents and recommending appropriate insurance coverage.

Advisory Services

Our team of dedicated financial advisors is committed to providing ongoing support, guidance, and advice to our Myrtle Beach clients.


Our goal is to help you maximize the value of your business and support a smooth transition when the time comes to move on to new ventures.


Our team offers specialized planning services tailored to your specific situation, such as business succession planning, charitable giving, and more.

Personalized Financial Strategies for
Every Stage of Life in Myrtle Beach

We work with you to navigate life’s milestones, challenges, and opportunities, aiming to align your financial plan with your personal and professional objectives. Driven by a commitment to your success, we utilize insights and strategies to develop a financial plan that can adapt to life’s changes. Whether you’re just starting your financial journey or nearing retirement, our goal is to provide you with a clear path forward, empowering you to make informed decisions about your financial future in Myrtle Beach.

Financial Planning Solutions for Business Owners

Supporting Myrtle Beach Business Owners

As a business owner in Myrtle Beach, your financial planning needs to extend beyond daily operations. Our team focuses on strategies that help promote long-term growth, risk management, and succession planning, helping to strengthen your business’s financial health while also addressing your personal financial goals. 

Guiding Myrtle Beach Pre-Retirees

For Myrtle Beach residents nearing retirement, the financial choices made during this life stage are especially significant. Our team focuses on developing holistic strategies that explore income generation, investment management, and tax optimization. By considering these essential factors, we strive to provide guidance designed to support a well-planned transition into retirement.

Financial planning for pre-retirees
Financial planning for retirees in Myrtle Beach

Assisting Myrtle Beach Retirees

Retirement presents an opportunity for Myrtle Beach residents to embrace the fruits of their labor, but it’s important to consider the financial aspects that can impact this chapter of life. Our planning services for retirees aim to explore strategies focused on income preservation, tax efficiency, and estate planning. By addressing these key areas, we strive to provide guidance that aligns with your goals, whether that includes maintaining a comfortable retirement lifestyle, preserving your wealth for future generations, or a combination of both.

Why Choose Us

Our team, including Jeremy Finger and Daniel Johnson, both with over 25 years in the industry, strives to thoroughly recognize and value your unique visions, goals, and worries. We transcend traditional wealth management and investment planning, embarking on a collaborative journey to meticulously craft your financial legacy.


We, along with all investment advisory representatives, are fiduciaries and, as such, we are required to put the interests of our clients ahead of our own. 


We are paid directly by you and do not receive commissions. We are required to provide objective advice.


Our team, led by Certified Financial Planner and Certified Investment Management Analyst Jeremy Finger, has decades of combined experience helping clients achieve their financial goals.


Every person is unique and deserves a tailored plan that matches their specific needs and objectives.


We utilize Fidelity as our custodian and have access to some of their resources as part of that relationship. 

Begin Your Journey to Financial Clarity

Take the first step towards pursuing your financial goals by scheduling a consultation with one of our knowledgeable financial advisors. During this complimentary session, we’ll discuss your needs and address your questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Financial planning services can include income and cash flow analysis to help align your day-to-day finances, investment planning for potential growth, retirement strategies for your golden years, tax optimization to potentially keep more in your pocket, estate planning to help preserve your legacy, and insurance analysis to explore protection against life’s uncertainties. At Riverbend Wealth Management, we aim to tailor these services to align with your unique financial situation, striving to craft each piece in a way that supports your overall financial objectives and aspirations.

Absolutely, though they often work hand-in-hand. A financial advisor is like your financial journey’s guide, offering advice on a wide range of financial matters, from investments to insurance. Think of them as your go-to for both broad and specific financial questions. A financial planner, on the other hand, zeroes in on creating a comprehensive financial plan, mapping out your financial future in detail. They’re the architects who draw the blueprint for your financial house, aiming to design every room—from retirement savings to estate planning—with purpose.

We are both financial advisors and financial planners, so regardless of your objectives, we can assist you in creating a plan that can help you attain desired outcomes.

Navigating the financial world is a bit like exploring a vast ocean, and within this ocean, there are four main currents of financial planning to sail:

  1. Retirement Planning can help you navigate your golden years with ease and comfort.
  2. Investment Planning focuses on growing your wealth through strategic investment choices.
  3. Tax Planning helps you keep as much of your treasure as possible by minimizing tax liabilities.
  4. Estate Planning helps preserve your legacy, so your hard-earned wealth benefits your loved ones according to your wishes.

At Riverbend Wealth Management, we can help you navigate these waters and help you set the course to pursuing your financial objectives.

  1. Financial Management: Streamline your daily finances to help facilitate a smooth cash flow and budgeting process.
  2. Risk Management: Implement strategies to protect against the financial impact of life’s uncertainties.
  3. Investment Planning: Grow your wealth through carefully selected and managed investments.
  4. Tax Planning: Navigate the complexities of taxes to help minimize liability and help maximize savings.
  5. Retirement Planning: Prepare for a secure and fulfilling retirement with strategic savings and income plans.
  6. Estate Planning: Manage your assets and legacy to help with distribution according to your wishes.
  7. Education Planning: Plan and save for educational expenses, investing in the future of your family or yourself.

Savings, Security, and Strategy.

Savings involves building a robust financial cushion to cover emergencies and future goals. Security focuses on protecting your financial well-being against unforeseen risks through insurance and risk management. Lastly, Strategy encompasses the comprehensive planning and execution of your financial goals, from retirement to investment planning. These principles form the foundation of effective financial planning, facilitating a balanced approach to managing and growing your wealth.

At Riverbend Wealth Management, we weave these principles into the fabric of your personalized financial plan.

The 3 rules of financial planning serve as the backbone for building a secure financial future:

  1. Live Below Your Means — this is important in helping you preserve, and ideally accumulate, wealth over time.
  2. Save and Invest Wisely — putting your money to work for you is essential for financial growth and stability.
  3. Plan for the Unexpected — having a safety net for life’s surprises helps with peace of mind.

We believe these rules form the foundation of sound financial planning, helping to guide you towards financial stability. At Riverbend Wealth Management, we emphasize these principles, tailoring our advice to help you navigate your financial journey with confidence.

The information in this material is not intended as tax or legal advice. Please consult legal or tax professionals for specific information regarding your individual situation.

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