Student of the Market – 2024 Outlook – Finger Financial Five #167

Here are a few slides that point out some important things to consider while investing in 2024. If you have read our Finger Financial Five blogs in the past, thank you. Let me know what you think about our use of video. We are looking to incorporate multiple different mediums to share information. 

Student of the Market – March 2024 – Should You Invest Now?.” This isn’t a financial forecast; it is wisdom distilled into bite-sized, actionable insights. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll discover:

  • A Glimpse into the Future: How does the market typically fare after kicking off the year on a high note? 
  • Balancing Act: Of a 60/40 stock/bond portfolio in today’s economic climate. 
  • The Reign of Cash: In an era of digital currencies and booming stock markets, we’re tackling the question: Is cash still king?

Ready to Dive In? https://youtu.be/Jiw0f-VUhDw 

On the lighter side, Elliott returned to the University of South Carolina on Sunday to finish his freshman year. He did not leave before losing to his dad twice in chess. 

He currently has a very high GPA, and we are very proud.  Below is a picture of me running (slowly) the Myrtle Beach ½ Marathon.

Hope all is well with you and your family,


Finger Financial Five – 5 points in 5 minutes or less – is intended to provide you with a weekly shot of useful financial information.  My intention is to share principles so that you will have more clarity, more peace, and make better financial decisions. 

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