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Jeremy Finger
Jeremy Finger
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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Ben Franklin

Ready to learn about protecting your retirement income against different risks from Jeremy Finger? Click play now to watch the video!

Are you worried about your retirement income? In this video, we discuss the 4 risks that can impact your retirement income. Learn how to mitigate these risks and help secure a stable financial future for your retirement years.

Four risks to retirement income that we cover in the video.

  • Sequence of return risk
  • Longevity risk
  • Tax risk
  • Expense risk

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On the lighter side, moving Elliott out of the dorms today. He is so excited to be coming home, but he has enjoyed his first year. He crushed it. We are SO proud of him!

He and a couple of friends are renting a house off campus for the fall. I need to remember he has so little outside life experience. He said, “Dad, they are asking me for my social security number. Is that ok?” He asked a dozen other questions too. It certainly has been a learning year for him.

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