How To Think of Retirement Mistakes & Golf at The Masters! – Finger Financial Five #77


“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” – Bob Ross

Everyone makes mistakes. Even the pros. I was at the Masters golf tournament this past Thursday.  For any golf fan, this is one of the best tournaments in the world.  The place is so beautifully manicured.  It looks like they comb the grass and pine needles, like a wet head of hair. 

Ok, back to mistakes. We sat to the left of #15 green, the final par 5. Some pros, if they hit a good drive go for the green in two but they must cover the water guarding the green.  Not easy.  Most lay up short of the water, so they can hit a short approach for their third shot. 

This one pro had only 100 yards or less to the pin.  He hit a cold shank dead right and nearly hit his playing partner, who had to dive on the grass to avoid an erroneous ball. The shot was so bad the pro took his hat off and waved to the crowd.  We all cheered and laughed. The player did too. For non-golfers, a shank is the worst shot in golf.   

This is the Finger Financial Five so what does this have to do with retirement? 

I have seen many retirees say, I should have invested more early. I should have spent more time with my children. I should not have worried so much. I should have invested in this or not invested in that.  The list goes on. 

I have seen the self induced pressure of past mistakes cause the retiree to be a bit reckless on the next decision and make more mistakes. 

In life, like golf, you can not go back and replay a shot. We can only play our next shot. We can only do the next right thing. Take your hat off, laugh and forgive yourself (or others) and move on. 

What is the next right thing in retirement for you? 

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On the lighter side, on vacation with family and friends this week. Takes a few days for me to wind down. No schedule is the best part of vacation. Enjoy reading too. 

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