Investing & Market Volatility: Lessons From Dad & A Dog – Finger Financial Five #135

“Everybody has a plan until you get punched in the mouth.” -Mike Tyson.

I got my first dog and best friend, Oliver when I was six years old. He was the most incredible dog in the world. He followed me when I rode my bike around the town of Nichols, where I grew up.

He usually has a sand spur in his foot when I see him start limping. Unfortunately, this time he cut his foot on a piece of glass. 

My dad was an old-school medical doctor. He said we needed to give Oliver some stitches to heal his wound. He brought out his black medical briefcase, the kind that all the old-school doctors had on TV shows. He told me what we needed to do. All I had to do was help him. But I panicked when Oliver yelped.  

Dad looked me in the eyes and calmly told me step by step what to do.

Oliver had a speedy recovery. 

What does this have to do with finances? 

There is a huge difference between knowing the path and walking the path. 

Investing for retirement may seem easy initially, but executing it is a whole different story. 

You may say, “Look, the stock market does so well over time. Just keep invested!”

There are a lot of sand spurs and glass along the way…

Former CEO of General Electric, Jeff Immelt once said, “Every job looks easy when you are not the one doing it.”

Many investors abandon their plan in times of stress…

But this is for other people, not you, right??

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I was on the Mind Body podcast by Rebellious International recently. I  talked about being free, letting go, introspection, personal and spiritual growth and living life fully. 

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On the lighter side, Elliott and I attended a Chess Club meeting on Monday. Elliott played 3 hard-fought matches and lost. He was a little ticked and a little humbled. The players Elliott played were a lot better than me. I won a couple of matches, but against lower competition.

Elliott had orientation at the University of South Carolina this week. He got his student ID.  His room is a little less comfy than what he is used to. That is college life!  

Hope all is well with you and your family,


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