Is The Stock Market Like A Casino? – Finger Financial Five #83

“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.” – Warren Buffett

Is the Stock Market a casino? 

It goes without saying that gambling is not a wise investment decision. Why?

The odds are not in your favor. You may get lucky and win in the short run, but over time, the house wins. 

Some people see the stock market as a casino. They invest like it is. They may also invest in very short time frames, which is also risky … like a casino. 

However, if you invest over a long period of time, the odds shift in your favor. You go from being a player at a casino, to the casino owner – you become the “house.”

Check out the chart below:

You can see, a balanced 50-50 stock bond portfolio made money over every 5-year period from 1950-2021. 

Time is on your side if you are investing…just stick with it.

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