Jeremy Finger - Founder of Riverbend Wealth Management

Jeremy Finger


Nestled in the quaint town of Nichols, SC, just an hour from Myrtle Beach is where my story begins. As a boy, I spent countless days with my father, fishing or cycling by the rivers and ponds that inspired our moniker, Riverbend.

Fascinated by my dad’s evening ritual of watching the stock market, I couldn’t resist asking questions. This curiosity sparked my first foray into investing before I even hit my teenage years.

My academic journey led me to the College of Charleston, a melting pot of biology, chemistry, and business studies. In 1996, these diverse disciplines bore fruit, landing me a coveted role as a financial advisor post-graduation.

In 2001, I won the lottery of love when my better half, Iren, said, “I do.” Our family was made complete in 2004 with the arrival of our son Elliott—an avid tennis player with dreams of emulating his mom by playing college tennis.

Life took an unexpected turn in 2019 when I stepped up as interim head coach for Myrtle Beach High School’s tennis team following the loss of our beloved Rivers Lynch. The team’s spirited rally in the playoffs, culminating in a state championship win, was a heartfelt tribute to the man simply known as Coach.

Our family cherishes the joy of travel. Every year, we embark on a journey to Iren’s homeland, Bulgaria. Elliott, our globetrotter, speaks fluent Bulgarian. As for me? Let’s say I’m still learning the ropes!

Bought first stock, IBM at 12.
Lesson – Saving even $2 a week can make a difference, especially when you start early.

Love mint chocolate chip ice cream and key lime pie.
Lesson – Guilty pleasure is good, but only in moderation.

Play golf and tennis at the Dunes Golf and Beach Club.
Lesson – Beauty is all around us, even out our backdoor; you just have to choose to see it.

Interum head coach for the Myrtle Beach HS Tennis team.
Lesson – Sometimes great heartache can lead to great victory.

Grew up fishing with my dad on ponds and rivers.
Lesson – Spending time with loved ones is priceless. My dad and I called it fishing.

Completed Half-Ironman and Escape from Alcatraz triathlons.
Lesson – Nothing worthwhile can be achieved without some pain.

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