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Labor Force & Unemployment

“There are lies, Damned lies, and Statistics.” – Mark Twain 

How Can Unemployment Rise Even as Jobs Increase? 

At first glance, it seems contradictory: more jobs are being created, yet the unemployment rate is climbing. The explanation can be found in how the labor force dynamics can evolve.  

  1. New Entrants to the Labor Force: Each month, new individuals, often young people reaching the age of 15, are added to the labor force. As they become eligible to work, they start looking for jobs, which increases the number of people counted as unemployed. (A large amount of them can remain in the ‘looking for work’ stage before finding work and counting as employed) 
  2. Discouraged Workers Returning: Individuals who were previously discouraged and stopped looking for work may re-enter the job market. (See the qualifications below for who counts as unemployed and who doesn’t.) Once these discouraged workers start looking for jobs again, they are considered unemployed until they secure employment. 
  3. Retirees Rejoining the Workforce: Some retired individuals may decide to re-enter the labor force for various reasons, such as financial needs or personal fulfillment. Upon re-entering, they also are now classified as unemployed until they find jobs. 

Some specific nuances are important to remember when examining these statistics. Someone is only considered ‘Unemployed’ if they meet all of these qualifications: 

  1. Not currently working. 
  2. Actively looking for a job within the past four weeks. 
  3. Available to work.

Individuals age 15 and older who are either employed or unemployed while actively seeking work count as being in the ‘Labor Force’. (This group excludes institutionalized individuals.)

Understanding these dynamics and how they can change helps us understand what might really be happening in the economy today. The labor force is not static, and various factors can lead to an increase in unemployment statistics despite a growing job market. 

My favorite lesson from this topic though is that statistics without context are often misleading.  

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