Living Your Best Life In Retirement, with Inflation and Market Volatility – Finger Financial Five #86

“Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere.” – Erma Bombeck

How do we deal with inflation? How do we handle market volatility?

Let me address this by mentioning a few questions…

How many storms have you lived through in your life?

I remember the ozone layer was a big deal. Reagan getting shot. Stock market crash in 1987. Gulf war in 1991. September 11th. Global financial crisis. 

These are, of course, world events.  

So, what about the storms in your own life?  The death of a friend. A job you didn’t get. A broken relationship. 

Maybe there was a time you nearly lost your life — someone ran that red light a second after you passed.  You beat cancer.  You were drafted and fought in a war.  

And here you are … a survivor … experiencing the miracle of today … reading this newsletter on a computer that wasn’t even invented 20 years ago, being able, by pressing a few keys, to learn about almost any topic or order nearly any item from anywhere in the world and have it delivered to your door in a matter of days.

What does this have to do with inflation and market volatility?

Take a look at the two charts below:

There have been times of high inflation. Did you live through the 1970s and early 80s?  If so, great — you survived.  If you’re too young to have lived through it, there will be times that will challenge you too.    

“But Jeremy I want to predict the market and avoid the uncertainty.”  Read all of the above again. Remember back to September 10, 2001. Did your thoughts on terrorism change over the next few days? Remember January 2020. Did your thoughts on a potential pandemic change in the coming year? Did you expect what was about to happen?  Of course not.  

I am not saying that what we are going through now will be anything like that. What I am saying is this: if you’re already prepared for a storm, you don’t have to worry about when it might come.  

What does the preparation look like?

And the MOST IMPORTANT ONE OF ALL… wait for it…


You have a 100% survival rate up to this point. How many wonderful memories do you have during your life? 

Long pause here for you to think about what they are…

In spite of the storms themselves, you still have wonderful memories. When tomorrow comes, you’ll add to those memories.  Look for the good ones. 

Some people dance in the rain, others just get wet

Here is a podcast I did: An Introduction To Living Your Best Life Today (Ep.1)

What I am reading:

Endless Uncertainty and Once in a Lifetime.

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On the lighter side, I watched the movie E.T. this past weekend. It was the 40th anniversary. Back then, I dressed up as E.T. and was in the Golden Leaf Festival parade in Mullins, SC, in the fall of 1982.  Wonderful memory.  It was the year after Reagan got shot.

Hope all is well with you and your family,


P.S. Here is some extra reading about inflation

Do you think that you will be spending less money on things because of inflation? If so, good. When people spend less, demand is less, and should lead to lower prices. The problem eventually becomes self-correcting.

Read more about inflation and retirement by clicking here. 

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