Riverbend's FLOW Process

During your complimentary financial assessment, we use our FLOW process to identify your financial goals and inform your personalized financial plan. We’ll calculate your Financial Markers to understand your current status, clarify your Life Goals, identify potential Obstacles, and explore the impact you want to leave. This personalized approach helps illuminate a clear path forward so your plan better aligns with your future goals.

Find Your Financial Markers

Your Financial Markers play a key role in navigating your day-to-day path to retirement.

On the call, we’ll calculate your Financial Markers, so you know where you’re at currently and how much you’ll need to reach your financial goals.

Our goal is for you to be able to confidently move forward.

Look at Your Life

A happy retirement isn’t just about saving money leading up to retirement or spending as little as possible before and during your retirement…

It’s about living your best life.

That’s why this step is crucial to get clear on your retirement goals and the impact you want to have on the people who matter to you.

Answering those questions now helps us focus on what’s really important up to and during retirement, and will also give clarity on your best next step to get there.

Observe Potential Obstacles

Obstacles in life — and retirement — are inevitable. But they’re easier to handle when you have a plan in place.

In this step, we’ll take a look at the potential obstacles so you can start preparing for them now and get to retirement successfully.

What You Leave Behind

Just as a boat leaves a wake, your choices affect your own life and the lives of other people.

In this step, we’ll look at the impact you want to have and the legacy you want to leave to the people who matter most to you.

Doing that will give perspective and help you get clear on what matters most.

Schedule Your Complimentary Financial Assessment Today

Reach out to us today to schedule your complimentary financial assessment. Our team is ready to assist you with the intricacies of financial planning and develop a strategy that can help support your goals no matter your stage in life.

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