Retire Happy Podcast: Season 2 – Estate Planning And Overcoming Obstacles With Meghan Barnes (Ep.13)

It’s not too early to begin getting documents in order for estate planning. Is your estate plan ready?

In this episode, Jeremy Finger, CFP®, speaks with Meghan Barnes, an estate attorney, about the documents you should be thinking about when it comes to estate planning and ensuring your wishes are taken care of. Meghan goes over some of the common obstacles people face during estate planning and the available options to overcome those obstacles.

Meghan discusses:

  • What documents you need to think about with regard to estate planning, to ensure your wishes are taken care of
  • Some of the common obstacles people face when planning their estate, and the available options to overcome them
  • What happens if someone passes away without completing any estate planning documents
  • Why it’s important to ensure there’s a balance of power among potential guardians in an estate plan
  • And more


Connect with Meghan Barnes:


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