Retire Happy Podcast: Season 2 – What You Need To Know About Our Crazy Current Investment Environment With John Nichol (Ep.12)

We are truly in a crazy investment environment right now where predicting what’s to come seems nearly impossible. Let’s take a look at the current state of the market and different investment strategies.

In this episode, Jeremy Finger, CFP®, speaks with John Nichol, MBA, CFA, about the current investing environment. John shares his thoughts on the current environment and what to expect in the future, he compares the flexibility of SMAs and mutual funds, talks about some of the pros and cons of active vs passive investments in the current market, and how he makes sure he’s investing properly as a money manager.

John discusses:

  • His thoughts on the current investment environment and what we can anticipate happening in the near future
  • The comparison of flexibility inside of an SMA and a mutual fund
  • The pros and cons of active vs passive investments
  • The processes and people that are in place to methodically make sure they’re investing money properly as money managers
  • And more

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