Retirement Is Meant To Be Lived – Finger Financial Five #121

“Health is not a size, it is a feeling.” – Quote at Loleo, a Myrtle Beach eatery

Retirement is not no longer working either. It is a feeling. A freedom. A lightness. Warren Buffett says he skips to work, so why retire? For others, it is time to travel, or no longer travel for work. I can be following a passion. You name it. 

Retirement can be whatever YOU want it to be. You have a blank slate. Carve off what takes your energy and add more to what gives it. 

So what is retirement to you? 10 or 20 years from now when you look back on today, what do you wish you spent more time doing? What do you wish you spent less time doing? 

Life is meant to be lived. So, live it. 

Retire Happy Podcast Ep.18 Next Level Estate planning with Tripp Wiles. 

Tripp discusses: 

  • Spousal tax exemptions and what you need to do to not lose it.
  • What a lifetime inheritor’s trust is and the benefits.
  • Why people make the mistake of giving up control. 

I talked to CNBC last week about the Health Savings Account and its triple tax benefits. They quoted me here

We are having a client-only town hall webinar Tuesday 21st at 9a. We are going to talk about the economic outlook, our positioning, financial planning tool available to you, and answer your questions. You are very important and we want to know what you think. Your input gives Riverbend guidance not only to meet but hopefully exceed your expectations. We have sent out a separate email invitation yesterday. If you missed it, reply to this email.  

On the lighter side, I went to see my high school play Christian Academy last night. Spent some time with my good friend watching his daughter play. I saw many people I went to school with. Their parents are now watching their grandchildren play. It reminds me of a quote…”I saw an old person the other day, then I realized we went to high school together.”  

Hope all is well with you and your family,


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