The Value of Customer Service and Small Banks With David Anderson (Ep.16)

Jeremy Finger
Jeremy Finger
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Not many people know about the options available to them when working with a smaller local bank compared to larger financial institutions.

In this episode, Jeremy Finger, CFP®, speaks with David Anderson, president and CEO from the Anderson Brothers Bank in Mullins, South Carolina. He talks about the differences between small banks and other larger banking institutions from a consumer perspective. They discuss the crazy interest environment and what David thinks might happen in the near future.

David discusses:

  • The crazy interest environment we’re currently dealing with and what might happen in the future
  • Why retirees and business owners might prefer working with smaller banks
  • The history of the Anderson Brothers Bank and how they have avoided being purchased by larger financial institutions
  • The culture, community, mission, and values at Anderson Brothers Bank
  • And more

Connect with David Anderson:


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