Umbrella Insurance: An Airbag For Your Net Worth – Finger Financial Five #124

“Misery is the company of lawsuits.” – Francois Rabelais

You have done a great job building wealth. Now it is time to protect it. Wealthy people like yourself have all the legal documents already in place. 

An often overlooked but effective way to protect your hard-earned assets is umbrella insurance. It is like an airbag to protect your net worth. 

Umbrella insurance is an extra layer of insurance that covers claims above your typical insurance policies. 

For example, you may have liability coverage on your automobiles up to $300,000. You may also have $500,000 liability coverage on your homeowner’s policy. Liability insurance is a seatbelt for your car. An umbrella policy covers above these liability limits…like an airbag. If the seatbelt doesn’t hold, the airbag protects you. 

Suppose you are sued for $2 million for an automobile accident. In the example above, the first $300,000 is covered by the automobile liability policy. The $1.7 million could be covered by the umbrella. 

Unfortunately, there are many ways you can be open to lawsuits. For example, you could have a dog that bites someone, a family member rear-ends a school bus, or someone could slip and fall on your property. 

Additional risks could be having a swimming pool, hosting large parties, or serving on charitable boards. 

Usually, umbrella policies cover bodily and psychological injuries but may even cover slander, libel, and defamation. 

How much do you need? In general, get coverage up to your net worth. If you are worth over $10 million, discuss the pros and cons with your attorney, financial advisor, or insurance agent. 

Several factors influence the cost of your insurance coverage. First, the number and location of your owned properties play a significant role. Second, your driving history and the number of vehicles you own also impact the cost. Moreover, the types and quantities of boats you possess add to the overall expense. Lastly, the amount of existing liability coverage you carry is another crucial factor affecting your insurance cost.

The cost could be as low as $100 to $300 monthly to get $5-10 million of coverage. 

If a lawsuit comes raining down on you, you will be glad you have an umbrella for some protection. (I am so punny).

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