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Pull up a chair and pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee! You’re about to join an enlightening conversation that’s brewed to perfection, featuring a blend of market insights, personal finance strategies, and estate planning wisdom. Coffee with Riverbend is where your financial curiosities meet correct answers in a friendly, engaging atmosphere.

What’s on the Menu? In this episode, we’re diving deep into topics that touch the core of our financial well-being and future security:

Rate Cuts: Travis Smythe untangles the complex interplay between Federal decisions, market expectations, and what it means for your investments.

Inflation Trends: Discover whether inflation is cooling off or persisting, and how this impacts your purchasing power and savings.

Asset Protection in SC: Tripp Wiles shares his legal expertise on safeguarding your assets, highlighting the nuances of South Carolina laws.

Estate Planning Insights: Learn about common pitfalls in estate planning and proactive steps to avoid them, ensuring your legacy is secured.

Looking Ahead: Get ahead of upcoming changes in law and finance, preparing yourself and your estate for the future.


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